Why is Himalayan salt so special?

If you’ve been thinking about adding pink Himalayan salt to your daily diet, but aren’t sure whether or not it is going to offer the kinds of benefits and advantages you are hoping for, you’re in luck – the inside information contained below is going to shed plenty of light on this topic, giving you the kind of confidence you need to move forward with pink Himalayan salt from here on out! I’ll give you a hint; it has far more uses than Himalayan salt lamps!

Salt is one of the essential building blocks of our daily diet, and many of us add salt to pretty much every piece of food we eat (some of us adding more salt than we probably should). It also happens that salt is an essential building block within the human body. We need sodium to maintain specific systems throughout the body, and without plenty of sodium on a regular basis we aren’t able to enjoy the kind of quality of health that most of us expect.

With pink Himalayan salt, you’re going to be able to enjoy a handful of significant nutritional benefits but you’re also going to be able to enjoy a number of therapeutic benefits as well. If you aren’t going to give up on salt anytime soon (and really aren’t all that excited about having to come back, either), you’re going to want to make this switch to pink salt ASAP.

Pink Himalayan salt is as clean a salt as you are going to find

The number one reason that medical professionals believe we are consuming way too much salt and sodium today is because the salt and the sodium that we find ourselves using with each and every meal is nowhere near as clean or as “natural” as the salt that can be mined right out of the ground or evaporated from seawater.

Today’s salt – table salt, in particular – is processed junk compared to clean sources of salt like Himalayan salt. Table salt has all kinds of additives, all kinds of chemicals, and all kinds of processing going on behind the scenes to bring it to your plate, and all of that is going to contribute negatively to your daily diet.

Himalayan salt, on the other hand, comes directly from salt mines located nearly 5000 feet deep below the Himalayan mountain range. These mines have been compacted through the sheer pressure of the earth above, squeezing out all of the impurities from Himalayan salt over millions of years.

You don’t have to worry about chemical additives more processing going on behind the scenes when you get your hands on Himalayan salt. This is the “real deal”, and will add positively to your daily diet for sure.

What makes Himalayan salt so much better than table salt?

Right out of the gate, medical researchers have conclusively proven Himalayan salt to provide improvements to your respiratory system. Because Himalayan salt contains a variety of other minerals within the salt compounds itself, it’s able to provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pathogen cleaning properties that you just aren’t ever going to be able to get out of traditional table salt.

On top of that, Himalayan salt has such a rich and diverse mineral content that you’re going to be able to balance out your body as far as your pH levels are concerned. This is going to improve your immunity, improve digestion, and provide you with a source of electrolytes that can help to streamline the repair and recovery of your body as well.

At the end of the day, researchers also believe Himalayan salt encourages a more restful sleep while at the same time working as an air purifier when used externally. Himalayan salt lamps are going to attract water vapor in a room, which will in turn attract air pollutants, providing you with a cleaner space to rest and sleep in!