How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?


Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial to your health, and they can be used as decorative elements in your dwelling too. There is a widening interest in the use of the salts for cooking due to its healthy properties, and these days plenty of individuals are also getting into the salt lamps. But what does it do, really?

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are hand-sculpted solid hunks of old crystal salts. They range in color from orange, white, translucent, pink down to red. It is believed that these salts produce and release negative ions, which are the assumed health benefits of the item. The beautiful colors that the salt crystals emit are due to the great amount of minerals they contain.

Within the hollowed-out center of the salt, lamp is a candle or light bulb which is used to produce heat and light. This is essential to acquire the advantages of the salt crystals. Salt lamps will not operate correctly as well without the use of heat and light. They come in ornamental holders of salt crystals with a heat and light resource beneath the item which in turn generates a muted glow.

Water vapor is always present, and it circulates in the atmosphere of any area in the house. This water vapor holds allergy-inducing factors like pet fur, dust, pollen, smoke particles, bacteria, and viruses. Salt is capable of pulling in water molecules from the neighboring air.

A bigger chunk of rock salt like a Himalayan salt lamp will constantly draw water vapor and its accompanying contaminants to it. As soon as all water vapor and contaminants are drawn to the salt lamp, these tiny composites linger on the salt and will not circulate in the atmosphere where people can inhale them.

When Himalayan salt lamps become overrun with water vapor bit by bit, the heat that comes from the inside dries them. This carries on the cycle so long as the light is turned on. The heat also redistributes water vapor back into the atmosphere. Most importantly though, any kind of airborne pollutant that was pulled into the salt lamp will remain caught in the salt crystals, and will not go back up in the air once more.

Possible every several weeks, it is ideal if you turn the salt lamp off for a good hour. Cool the item down then rub it moderately with a wet cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt particles that were trapped in there. For the most part, you can leave the salt lamp alone and let it do its purpose.

Heating the Himalayan salt crystals emits positive ions and negative ions. The heating of the negative ions is capable of cleansing the air naturally by getting rid of airborne pollutants. All that is left in the atmosphere  is fresh, clean, air – free from contaminants. As explained earlier, the air that we breathe inside of our homes or offices is filled with harmful pollutants that can bring about allergies and other bronchial conditions.

But do Himalayan salt lamps work? Many believe that they do. Its benefits spread through word of mouth. There are people who have discovered the significance of these salt crystals due to extended usage, and their benefits have been proven for plenty of years.

These include enhanced immune systems, improved breathing, and a sense of calm and well-being. The salt crystals include over 84 kinds of natural minerals which are known for their healing properties. As mentioned previously, the salts emit negative ions into the atmosphere which helps in cleansing the air by ridding it of pollutants.

It is through the heating process by way of the salt lamps’ low-watt light bulbs and candles that assist in maximizing the emission of negative ions. these offset the harmful ions and power waves that hail from devices like power lines, wireless units, computers and other kinds of electronic devices.

The Himalayan salt crystals’ therapeutic worth is immeasurable, and it makes investing in these items worth it due to their being environmentally-safe, natural and beneficial.