Himalayan Salt Lamp Heart-Shaped Rock Crystal


Himalayan salt lamps are crafted from segments of Himalayan salt crystals, and its purpose is to serve as exquisite decorative pieces for your home and at the same time, provide a natural light resource. But due to the many functions of the item, its use extend further past ornamentation.

Once the salt crystals are combined with a light within the lamps, the pieces of salt generate negative ions, which then produce positive effects on the indoor atmosphere. Hence, placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your house will yield benefits that range from improving one’s well-being and health down to environmental advantages.

In this article, we are going to discuss Useful Innovations’ Himalayan Salt Lamp Heart-Shaped Rock Crystal. This is a wonderfully-designed salt crystal lamp which promises to provide the benefits of a quality Himalayan salt lamp.

Salt Lamp Features

  • Provides beautiful ambiance in any room
  • Is a dimmable lamp
  • Serves as air purifier and light source
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use
  • Makes for a great gift for friends and family


Himalayan salt lamps are believed to alleviate health conditions and relax the mind. It can also help balance electromagnetic radiation in a room, which is why the lamp is ideal to place in offices and your study. It can also help improve breathing, and it can cleanse, freshen and decrease the threat of asthma and other bronchial conditions.

Useful Innovations’ salt lamp with a heart design will surely win the hearts of those who are into well-crafted pieces. The salt lamp was packed in a box with informative details on it. When it was delivered, it was packaged securely so the contents inside wouldn’t break.

The lamp overall has a distinctive design, and I consider it a piece of art. It is a hunk of Himalayan salt crystal that was given a heart shape and it comes with its own Neem wooden stand. The carving is flawless, and the crystal weighs around 8 pounds which also includes the wooden base. The Neem wood foundation is smooth and shiny with a dark chestnut hue.

The color of the lamp gets displayed once the device is switched on. It emits a muted, warm radiance with pink and orange tints that brings a romantic mood to the room. It is dimmable, and it has a switch that regulates the dimness of the lamp according to your preferences from light, medium down to dark.

The lamp is made from lush, pure ancient Himalayan rock salts and as mentioned, it has a Neem wood base. Neem wood is considered to be a rich kind of wood and is a valuable oil resource as well.

In order to enhance the air quality in a room, the salt crystal has to be warmed through. This can be done by lighting the bulb inside the device. The salt crystal is transparent. Thus the lamp releases light. It also includes a 6-foot cord so you can position the lamp anywhere you please.


Because of the old-timey, Bohemian feel of this salt lamp design, it might not suit modern rooms or rooms with a minimal interior design.


Himalayan salt lamps that are hard-carved have beautiful shapes, and they emit a warm glow with soft colors and at the same time, enhance air quality in the room. It gets rid of airborne allergens and contaminants while providing a negative charge in the atmosphere and its surroundings.

I am quite enjoying the benefits of Useful Innovations’ Himalayan Salt Lamp Heart-Shaped Rock Crystal because not only did my sleep improve (I placed the lamp near my bed to test it out), it also relaxes me after a hard day at work.

The production of negative ion, in turn, helps calm us down, and as we all know, we all deserve a good rest every day in order to get on with life the next day. This is an excellent item to own and a great thing to give as a gift.