Hemingweigh Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp Review


Himalayan salt lamps are not only items that bring health benefits and better air quality, but they also serve as decorative pieces that provide a statement for your home interior.

They are made from quality mined Himalayan salt crystals. They are Eco-friendly and radiate a soft amber glow when switched on. Health benefits come from the negative ions that are produced once the crystal is heated by the bulb within the device.

For this review, we are going to talk about the merits of HemingWeigh’s Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp. This is a charming and advantageous ornamental piece that will make your living quarters more inviting and soothing – a nice place to live in.

Salt Lamp Features

  •  Includes 2 natural Himalayan salt crystal lamps.
  • Produces a soothing amber color as soon as it’s lit.
  • Hand-crafted in Pakistan.
  • Each and every lamp produced has a unique shape.
  • Also, serves as air purifier once heated with the 15-watt light bulb.


Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the atmosphere once heated by an external source, for example, a candle or a light bulb. The heat that is generated from the lamp brings about ionization, which is the breaking down of NaCl, Sodium Chloride.

This procedure is improved by NaCl, and this leads to the generation of negative ions which then gets rid of positive ions that linger in the atmosphere of a room. These positive ions are often produced by electronic devices like desktop computers, televisions, and refrigerators, among others. These lamps are responsible in a way for making air free from impurities that might bring about bronchial conditions.

In The Himalayas, there are natural salt crystals that have been flattened over the course of time, forming firm salt rocks with all minerals in one piece. Salt lamps like Hemingweigh Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved model release negative ions which help fight harmful elements that plague our bodies and make them succumb to illnesses.

Placing the lamp in locations that individuals frequent can assist in stabilizing the body, improving our immune system and providing energy that was lost. It can also help cleanse the air of contaminants and decrease the influence of bacteria, dust, allergens and other harmful airborne elements.

The device includes a UL-approved cord and a 15-watt bulb that helps release those beneficial ions. The item is also short circuit-protected, and it features a 6 or 7-pound design complemented by a durable wood foundation that secures the salt crystal in position during use.

All of the items that make up the entire ensemble are well built and strong, producing a nice ambient lighting. Apart from being UL-approved, they are also CE and RoHS certified.

The lamp operates and functions very well. One can utilize the lamp in the living room, the den, the dining room, kitchen or the bedroom. If you want it as an ornamental fixture, you can place it in the living room as an accent. The item is designed for mood lighting, and the soft lights that it produces will surely keep you in a romantic mood – perfect for date nights.

If you are tired or stressed out from work, you can relax by way of this device. Just switch on the lamp and go—its soft radiance will soothe and relax you, and will help calm your mind down. Customers who also liked the item said that other than its excellent features and operations, the company has great customer service as well because of their fast response.


There were a few complaints about the product despite a good number of praises. One customer said that the two lamps did not provide the same level of lighting—one gave a beautiful, soft glow while the other lamp was too bright.

Another also complained that the cords of the items were too short, you have to place the lamps very close to a wall socket or else the power cable is not sufficiently long to plug it in.


Hemingweigh Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp is a beauty and I will not hesitate to recommend this to other people looking for a working Himalayan salt lamp. It is well built, handmade in Pakistan, and the company has excellent customer service too.