Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan salt lamps present a lot of benefits for individuals. One can make use of this lamp for reinforcing their everyday needs, like fresh, clean air. These lamps, once they are lit, release negative ions which help in cleansing the air, ridding it of contaminants that can bring about bronchial conditions. You can also light this lamp if you want to improve your overall mood because the negative ions coming from the lamp will help you relax and de-stress  after a trying day.

Crystal Décor’s Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great salt lamp that is available on the market these days. Using this one is pretty easy, and it will provide what you need- from lighting to enhancing air quality at home or in the office. For more information about the product, please read the rest of the review.

Salt Lamp Features

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 6 inches to 13 inches.
  • Helps purify air and get rid of natural allergens.
  • Provides a natural light resource and soft, warm glow.
  • Has a polished wooden base.


This all natural Himalayan salt lamp from Crystal Décor is a hard carved hunk of crystal with a durable and polished wooden base. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small 6 inches to 13 inches being the biggest model. This item all in all presents great value, and if the price is your factor when it comes to buying decisions, then this model is definitely for you.

On an important note, this product is well made  and has a good price, complemented by its equally strong base. It has an attractive natural form and the crystal presents a deep, rich color – a good indication that it has greater amounts of minerals.

It operates by way of a 15-watt bulb, which is enough to power up the entire ensemble and provide a soft glow that serves as a relaxing light source to help users unwind, or as mood lighting for those romantic dinners or dates.

As soon as you switch the lamp on, it will present a pleasing amber glow that is calming and relaxing. Once the light bulb has warmed the crystal, it will be capable of releasing negative ions into the air to cleanse it of impurities, eliminating harmful airborne factors like dust, pollen, pet dander and other kinds of allergy causing particles.

You will not only be offered with a natural light source, but the lamp will also serve as a sort of organic air purifier capable of making the air around you cleaner and fresher.

There were also customers who have said that Himalayan salt lamps are actually able to increase individual energy levels and can also help ease anxiety and reduce insomnia. They also decrease the amount of electric static in the atmosphere, which is brought about by common electronic devices found in your home. This is a lamp that enhances focus and mood, and it can help clean and refresh air quality too!

Many customers have said that this salt lamp model is beautiful and has a heavy organic feel to it. Its shape and color are exquisite and relaxing, and the majority will recommend the item to people who are looking for a functional Himalayan salt lamp model.


Although the item has earned plenty of compliments from satisfied customers, there were also several who did not like some aspects of the product. Several customers complained of receiving faulty cords and light bulbs.

According to another user, the lamp she received had a dark, ugly color which did not allow the natural light to push through once the device was lit.


I will do as other satisfied customers did and will readily recommend Crystal Décor’s Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp for people interested in having a lamp as beautiful as this. It is affordable, comes in a wider variety of sizes, and emits beautiful lighting. As for its drawbacks, just make sure that you get your lamp from a certified, reputable seller in order to avoid packaging issues and get your product in one piece.