Crystal Allies Gallery CA Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 


These days, many are turning to the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps for purifying the air, ridding the atmosphere of contaminants, easing allergy symptoms and relaxing the mind. Crystal Allies’ Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp package includes two natural Himalayan salt crystal lamps with wooden bases.

Every carved lamp in the line has a distinctive design, and they offer your home or office natural, fresh, and clean air by way of negative ions produced by the device. Now you won’t have to deal with all that stress at work or at home – just turn on the salt lamp and relax.

Salt Lamp Features

  •  Includes 2 Himalayan salt lamps.
  • Includes dimmable switch .
  • Includes all-natural, pure Himalayan salt crystals excavated from natural resources.
  • Includes Neem wood base.
  • Serves as air purifier once heated.
  • Makes as a great ornamental item and light.
  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee if bought from authorized partners.


Himalayan salt crystals are popular thanks to their health and air improving qualities. Other than that, they look beautiful as well once lit up. These days there are plenty of available Himalayan salt lamps on the market, and you might have considered buying one. This article will discuss why you need something like this. For this review, we are first going to discuss the advantages of this Crystal Allies model.

These lamps are composed of excellent-quality salt, and they are hand-carved. Each salt lamp actually has a distinctive shape thanks to the chunks of glass that serve as the focus of the entire device. It includes a mechanism that once an electric current passes right into it, emits negative ions which make the salt crystals radiate with light.

The lamp is environmentally friendly so you won’t have to worry about pollutants that may be released once the product is turned on. Rather, the salt lamp actually gets rid of airborne pollutants that can harm individuals, and the air quality, inside your home or office.

Himalayan salt lamps can help improve breathing, alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, sharpen concentration and enhance mood and they also help decrease stress and encourage relaxation. For the sleep deprived, they can also improve sleeping patterns.

The company who made this product has taken great priority in providing their customers with a decent item that boosts air quality at a price that one can afford. Furthermore, you get two salt lamps for the price of one. That is great value for your money because you can further maximize the use and benefits provided by each lamp.

The lamps also look great as ornamental items. You can place them in rooms where you or your family frequent, like the den or the living room, in order to promote relaxation. You can also place the item in your bedroom if you have problems with sleeping. The light offers a nice ambiance to rooms, especially the living room and the study. For some, the item does great in terms of mood lighting in the bedroom as well.


Customers all agreed that the product gave off great lighting. However, several customers complained that the items they received had been broken or cracked, much to their disappointment. One said that they are not going to purchase another product from the company again.


If you want an item that looks great propped up at home, then you will surely appreciate the lighting that Crystal Allies’ Gallery CA Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp provides. Many have mentioned it’s pinkish amber glow suffused rooms with a soft radiance.

It acts as an excellent mood lighting, which in turn inspires relaxation, due to the soothing, gentle rays of negative ion charged lights. While I am not too sure about improving air quality, it did calm me down after a stressful day at the office. You will also be provided with not only one but two salt crystal lamps. Worth the splurge if you are interested.