A Quick Guide On Himalayan Salt Lamps


Salt lamps, in general, are composed of bigger hunks of mined Himalayan salt crystals with mostly wooden bases. In order to light the entire lamp up, it has a heat source in the form of a light bulb located inside the crystal.

The chemical composition of the salt consists of 98% sodium chloride, which is known as common table salt and 2% polyhalite, which is a hydrated infusion of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The color that comes from the crystals is due to the iron oxide traces present in the salt. Brighter reds mean the salt lamp contains greater amounts of iron oxides.

Himalayan salts are edible, and they are often used in cooking, but they are mainly used to make salt lamps. It is believed that the salt lamp can help purify air and improve moods and well being due to the negative ions that are released once the lamp is lit and sufficiently heated. Other than it’s therapeutic claims, it also serves as a beautiful accent, and it’s light provides ambiance to your dwelling or office.

The most noticeable aspect of a Himalayan salt lamp though is its color. While pure salts are translucent in nature and are typically off-white, salt lamps with pink, reddish and orange crystals are often best-sellers due to the beautiful colors it radiates once it is lighted.

White salt crystals do work as lamps, but they often give off a very bright glow, but this can be counterbalanced by means of a colored incandescent light bulb. Furthermore, white salt lamps are quite rare and are the most expensive.

Pink salt lamps, meanwhile, possess the smallest quantity of iron oxides. But they are also the most beautiful due to the subdued, reddish tint they emit, which is very soothing to the eyes. However, lighter pinks mean that the salt crystal is excavated from substandard caves and would most possibly succumb to breakage, sweating, and in worst case scenarios, melting.

The red and orange lamps are also sought after, and they are the most visible colors in the industry. However at times the colors can be too dark, and light will not be able to pass through the salt crystals, therefore giving weak lighting. They are most ideal for bedrooms or meditation/prayer rooms since it provides muted, relaxing radiance.

If you want to buy Himalayan salt lamps, apart from those factors and attributes mentioned above, you have to also mind the weight of the lamp. All salt lamps are very distinctive; you will notice that no two salt lamps are similar in terms of size or shape.

But even though they are unique, it is still probable to measure the estimated size that is ideal for your room. A salt lamp that weighs 3-5 lbs. is recommended for rooms sized an 8 x 8-square foot while heavier ones, those that weight around 21-25 lbs. will suit larger rooms from 16 x 16- square foot room and over. The weight and size of salt lamps are crucial particularly if you are after the health benefits that they provide.

Last but not the least, buyers also have to take into account the electrical components of the item. While a salt lamp indeed looks pretty and offers health benefits for users, this does not always mean that it is safe for use. Thus, always look for models with UL-approved electrical components.

If in case it is not specified in the product, better get into contact with the manufacturer and verify whether the product is safe to use at home or in the office. It is good to use an all-natural light resource at home, but it will be better if you will not put your house or your neighbor’s property at risk.

The Benefits

You might have stumbled upon the claims and have read mentions of its benefits. Yes, they are pretty, and the lighting they provide is quite sublime, but of course you want to know more about the advantages that these Himalayan salt lamps bring. Here are some of the benefits that Himalayan salt lamps offer.

Minimizes Airborne Contaminants and Allergens

It is said that as soon as a salt lamp is turned on and the crystal is sufficiently warmed through, this results in the release of negative ions. The salt crystal pulls in the moisture that is frequently present in the air and once the lamp is heated, due switching the light bulb, the moisture that the crystal pulled in is now pushed to disperse because of the heat. This results in air that is cleaner and free from impurities.

Provides Organic Air Decontamination Without the Chemicals

Salt lamps are all natural – they are quarried from the slopes of the Himalayas and water basins packed with halite. This is also one of the reasons why salt lamps differ – no two are alike. There are no damaging chemicals and additives included in the lamps. Thus what you get are helpful, untainted, negative ions and minerals.

Less Influence From Electromagnetic Field Radiation

Research has shown that a number of electronic devices in our homes and office from cellphones, computers, laptops, televisions and refrigerators contribute to people’s overall fatigue, lack of concentration, and stress. The artificial wavelengths that are generated by such devices all at once are believed to bring about a harsh imbalance within people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

However, once counterbalanced by the salt lamp’s neutral atomic composition, these wavelengths and negative ions from the salt crystal will even each other out, resulting in a more unified feeling at home or in the office.

Provides Great Value for Your Money

We often splurge on devices that will provide us clean, fresh air, particularly if we live in areas with dense populations. Some look for the best air purifier devices while others opt for growing plants and gardens.

However, it has been shown that plenty of air purifiers that are being sold in the market these days do generate a high amount of ozone, which can be harmful to the environment. Plants are always good, but they do need proper care and tending. Thus, they are not for busy folks.

Salt lamps do not generate harmful substances or particles, and they are perfectly capable of effectively ionizing indoor air without the chemicals. And they require lesser maintenance too—just some wiping down with a damp cloth every now and then, once it shows traces of dirt, and you’re good to go.

Provides a Relaxing, Serene Radiance, and Environment

Plenty of people have experienced the relief and relaxation that Himalayan salt lamps provide. As soon as the lamp is switched on, the lamp will begin to operate, then eventually work its magic.

Its distinctive red, orange, or pink hues provide sufficient lighting to serve as a night light or as ambient lighting. They will not get in your way, and they do not require too much maintenance. Placed in your bedrooms, it will enhance the quality of sleep more due to the relaxing presence it offers.

How to Tell if Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is the Real Deal

Due to the rise of Himalayan salt lamps, there is an obvious increase in its demands and it has also presented a chance for frauds and swindlers to manufacture and sell salt lamp counterfeits or fakes. Although it will not always seem noticeable, you can spot a fake from an original model by remembering these steps:

Too Bright Lamps

These salt lamps tend to vary in colors from medium pinks and reds down to inky orange hues. Furthermore, the crystal is packed with a variety of diverse minerals thus the light that radiates from it will be subtle and imbalanced.

Due to these reasons, standard salt lamps release only a soft, warm radiance. If you bought a small lamp, but it releases light that is sufficient enough to completely bathe the entire room in it, then chances are what you bought is a fake.

White Salt Crystal + Affordable Price = Fake

Himalayan salt lamps tend to range from pink, red and orange tones. White salt crystals do exist but these items are often rare, and they are highly coveted. Thus, they come with a higher price. If you stumbled upon a white salt lamp model with a reasonable price, then it is unquestionable; the article is an imitation of the real thing.

The Lamp Is Capable Of Managing Moisture Extremely Well

These lamps are capable of purifying the air all over by soaking up the moisture and airborne contaminants. Once the bulb is switched on and the crystal gets properly warmed, it disperses and evaporates said moisture and contaminants into the nearby environment.

This process induces the salt crystal to “sweat” and this is pretty common with genuine Himalayan salt lamps. Thus, if you own salt lamp that does not sweat, it is an obvious sign that the article is a counterfeit.

Significantly Durable Pink Salt Lamps

It was discussed earlier in the article that while pink salt lamps look beautiful due to their color and look even more beautiful once illuminated, they are often prone to breakage. While it is not rare for salt lamps to get damaged over the course of shipping because of incorrect handling and mediocre packaging, dropping or hitting your salt lamp by accident is also one way to know if your lamp is fake. If your pink crystal happened to undergo these incidents and the lamp managed not to get chipped or cracked, this is a sign that your pink salt lamp is a counterfeit.

Lack Of Experienced Health Benefits

Many satisfied buyers of genuine Himalayan salt lamps have expressed their raves and praises for products that have worked exceptionally well and helped improve their well-being. Health benefits include easing allergy symptoms, improving sleep quality, better concentration and improved air quality, plus there are several more.

To maximize the use out of each lamp, you have to get one that will suit the size of your room. But if you have followed the sizing guidelines yet did not experience the health benefits that it provides, chances are you own a fake product.

Pink Salt Sources

Genuine Himalayan pink salt crystals are typically mined from the underground locations of Pakistan, in the Khewra location. Khewra can be found on the western fringes of the Himalayan mountains, and it is the sole location where authentic Himalayan pink salt is excavated.

If you are not certain about the genuineness of your pink salt lamp, you can ask the manufacturer of the product about its country of origin to find out whether the lamp is a counterfeit.





   Himalayan Salt Lamp Heart Shaped Rock Crystal  $$  4.7/5.0
   Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp  $$$  4.4/5.0
   Hemingweigh Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp  $$$  4.3/5.0
   WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp  $$  4.4/5.0
   Crystal Decor Dimmable Hand Crafted Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp  $$  4.4/5.0
   Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp  $$$  4.1/5.0
   Rocky Limin Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp  $  4.3/5.0
   Homdox Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifier Salt Light  $$$  4.5/5.0
   YYout Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch  $  4.4/5.0
   Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp $$  3.9/5.0

5 Sought-After Himalayan Salt Lamps

Now that we are finished with thorough facts about salt lamps, it is time to bring out the Himalayan salt lamp review. Here are 5 of the industry’s bestsellers with some fast information about each product.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Heart-Shaped Rock Crystal

This Useful Innovations model, the Double Heart Salt Lamp Crystal is built by piercing a shaft into the rock salt’s bottom for inserting the bulb fixture. The item is then screwed into a wooden Neem base.

The ensemble contains a 6-foot electric cord with a dimmer switch, and it also includes a 15-watt/120vac light bulb. To increase the air purification procedures of the device, you can adjust the dimmer settings to high, and this will lead to a higher salt temperature. The lamp weighs 6.6 pounds and is a natural, Eco-conscious salt lamp shipped in a recyclable box for lower negative environmental impact.


  • Gives beautiful lighting in any room.
  • Includes dimmer settings.
  • Acts as an air purifier and light resource.
  • Safe to use.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Works as a great gift.


  • May not suit homes with modern or minimal design.
  • Cannot be used with bulbs that are over 25 watts.

Crystal Allies Gallery CA Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Crystal Allies’ Gallery CA Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in a variety of sizes from 6-inches to a taller 12-inches. It serves as an air purifier by releasing courses of negative ions into the atmosphere that connects with positively-charged dust fragments, dropping all those contaminants into the ground and leaving the atmosphere fresh and clean once more.

It includes a UL-listed cord, 7-watt bulb and genuine company certified stone information card. The package is also supported by a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not wholly satisfied with the product.


  • Acts as an all-natural air purifier.
  • Doubles as a light
  • Includes 2 Himalayan salt crystal lamps.
  • Made from quality all-natural salt crystals sourced from the Himalayas.
  • Makes as a great gift for family and friends.
  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee if purchased from certified sellers.


  • Customers complained about receiving broken and damaged salt crystal lamps.

Hemingweigh Himalayan Himalayan Salt Lamp

HemingWeigh’s Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp is a device that is meant for use in living rooms, dens, family rooms or  for romantic events. This is a sturdy model that is made from superb quality Himalayan salt crystals, and it has a versatile wired electrical structure.

It is capable of filtering efficiently for a substantial period of time and is short circuit protected too. The unit also includes a strong wooden base or support that backs up the crystal securely while at use. This item is also guaranteed RoHS, UL and CE approved.


  • Comes with 2 all-natural Himalayan salt lamps.
  • Generates soft glowing lights once illuminated.
  • Made in Pakistan .
  • Each lamp differs from the other.
  • Serves as an air
  • The company has great customer service.


  • Lighting differs between the two salt lamps.
  • Short power cord.

WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp

WBM’s Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp has garnered enough positive feedback from customers due to its functionality and lighting. If you want the real deal, then this product is for you since it is actually hand-carved and made in Pakistan.

The salt lamp includes a wooden Neem foundation which props up the crystal and it also includes a 40-watt bulb that helps the whole device emit a warm, amber glow and produce negative ions to purify the air. Furthermore, we have here UL-approved components from the lamp itself down to the accompanying electrical cord.


  • Effective in ridding rooms of odors.
  • Lessens the symptoms of breathing problems.
  • Built and hard-carved in Pakistan.
  • Includes genuine Neem base.
  • Includes UL-approved electric cord.


  • Few customers complained of faulty switch.
  • Wood base was not able to hold crystal securely.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Experience the wonders of nature by way of a Himalayan salt lamp. This model from Crystal Décor aims not only to beautify your living quarters’ interiors, it also aims to improve your overall moods, help you relax, help clean the air, and improve air quality in the house or office. These are distinctive, hard-carved crystal beauties that will instantly perk up both your home and your well being.


  • Attractive, distinctive design and form.
  • Comes with durable, polished wooden base.
  • Helps purify the air by way of releasing negative ions once switched on.
  • Comes in a wider selection of sizes.
  • Makes for great gifts for family and friends.
  • Enhances mood and concentration.
  • Helps deodorizes surroundings.


  • Customers complained of acquiring malfunctioning parts and uneven color lights.


Himalayan salt lamps are prized for their unique appearance and the relaxing lights they generate. They are also known for their health benefits. This is another important factor, something that most consumers go for in order to buy the lamps. Just keep in mind all the tips mentioned in this article so you will be able to purchase one that does all that is supposed to do – a genuine product.